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July 2006
Rating---Three and a half beacons out of five.

"You'll Learn to Love Me" is a set of poetic writings that merge various subjects of love and feelings, with its title displaying the first inscription.  It' a touching script, more or less, of the writer's views.

I found this book a heartwarming read, though I was sensing it more related to the author's direct thoughts than something 'anyone' could relate to, which isn't a bad thing.  Noreen's writings spill out a bit of her soul in a 'journal' type form that is enjoyable to read.

Reviewed by: Deanna
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May 25, 2006

Thank you, Barbara Smith, for doing a fantastic, great article on my book.  I'm very satisfied with it.
Barbara Smith is the first person who gave me an interview over the telephone.


Jennifer Whalen interviewed me and Misty took photographs of me at their News Chief office in Winter Haven, Florida.  She put my article on the front page of News Chief.   I'm still in shock.  That is an honor to be on the front page.  Thank you, Jennifer, for putting me on front page.  You did a great job.  Misty, you did a great job on photographing me.  I want to thank both of you all very much.  I'm so excited.
Monday, July 3, 2006
10:55 AM on Monday, July 3, 2006
Poetry book fulfills childhood dream

LAKE WALES - Noreen Ann Jenkins has been interested in poetry ever since she was a young girl.

News Chief/Misty Rogers
As a child, she would throw her poems away, believing they were insignificant and of no value. It wasn't until she was about 12 years old, when her friend's sister gave her words of encouragement, that she decided to keep track of all the poems she wrote. She has now written more than 1,000 poems and is an established author.

In May, Jenkins' first book of poems, "You'll Learn to Love Me," was released in book stores. The Lake Wales resident includes 56 poems in her first book, which touches on subjects related to hope, love and angels. The book includes such poems as "If You Really and Truly Love Me," "Prisoner of Love" and "A Poem for Lovers."

"This has been my dream since I was a teenager - to have a book published," she said. "I finally got my dream come true."

Initially, Jenkins wanted to name the book either "Angels Touch" or "Heart of an Angel." However, she said, the final and chosen title stood out to her and her publishing company, PublishAmerica, agreed.

The book is dedicated to Jenkins' boyfriend of eight years, Garry Snyder. In fact, the angel that appears on the book's cover was a gift Snyder gave Jenkins last year.

"He's been really good to me," Jenkins, 48, said. "He's always been supportive. He's been right there with me and beside me and I can't find no better man than him."

Snyder also helped Jenkins compile her book.

"It's the beginning of the happiest time of her life," he said. "It's a great book ... She's been on cloud nine ever since (it was published)."

Jenkins said she enjoys writing about nature, love and any subject that inspires people.

"I'm good at putting myself in someone else's shoes and writing a poem about it," she said.

The Columbia City, Ind. native said she plans to write more poems and hopes to have another book of poetry published. She also hopes to write a book of poetry with Snyder, who also enjoys writing poems.

Jenkins' book, "You'll Learn to Love Me," is sold in book stores and at,,, and The book is also available in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Japan.

I want to thank Yesenia for her time and patience and for putting my book in the Polk Prose section of the Ledger on September 3, 2006.  Thank you so much, Yesenia.