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Believe in your dreams. Award-winning poem,.

Other Authors' Homepages

Karol Tiler is a good friend of mine. She has two books published by Publish America.  One is titled, FOOTPRINTS, romance novel, and the other one is, OUT IN THE GUTTER.  A MUST READ   She is a very talented writer.  She came from England and now resides in Davenport, Florida.

Maggie Estes is a friend of mine from Hamilton, Ohio.  She has a poetry book  published by Publish America.  It is titled, Midnight Moments, Midnight Memories.   This is a must read poetry book.  Watch out for her second poetry book soon to be published, titled Easy on my Heart.   She is a very talented writer and poet.

Future Talented Authors and Writers

Candice is a  good friend of mine from Canada.  She is  a very talented writer..   I believe in her and I know she will be a successful author in the future.  Click on her forums to read her stories.  Keep up the good works, Candice.