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You'll Learn to Love Me

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By Noreen Ann Jenkins



I no longer use this name.  I am married now to a great, wonderful man, Garry Snyder.   We both have two books out- 'Two Hearts in One' and 'The Aura of Truth'. We both have another website and now that is our official website.  Go to
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Hello!  Welcome to my official website.  I hope that you will enjoy your visit and come back again.  I am Noreen Ann Jenkins, published author of You'll Learn to Love Me.   It is a poetry book consisting of 56 poems (that I have written) and 67 pages.  It is about hope, love and angels.  


I want to thank PublishAmerica for making my childhood dream come true.  Thank-you, PublishAmerica!  I believe in dreams coming true.  I was forty- eight when my dreams came true.   I am living proof that you are never too old to make your dreams happen.


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Andrew Angus from Muses Review has announced the winners for the 3rd Muses Prize-Poetry The Best Poem of The Year 2006.  My poem, If You Really and Truly Love Me, has tied for first place.  It is an honor to win the best poem of the year 2006.  Thank you, Andrew Angus.  Click on book sample to read this poem.   It has won another award----3rd Muses Prize-Poetry The Best Tragic Poem of the Year 2006 (a special category award).



If You Really and Truly Love Me


Even though you can't hear me,
I can hear you, mommy.
I heard you talking about aborting me
and that I ain't a human being.
How could you be so cruel?
(Oh, how I cried silently!)
If you really and truly love me, mommy,
let me live to see the new world.

I didn't ask to be born,
but since I'm still in your womb,
let me come forth alive.
Let me experience
and see the new world.
Let me taste the food and liquids
that is good for me.
Let me touch you and the things around me.
Let me smell and breathe the air
and smell the beautiful things
in this new world.
Let me see you and daddy and the new world.
Let me hear your soft voice and others
and the noises that surround me.
Let me experience the different emotions
and experience life itself.

If you really and truly love me, mommy,
give me a chance in this new world
like your mommy gave you
that chance a long time ago.
Listen to my inner silent pleas.
If you really and
truly love me, mommy



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