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                                                                    I 've sent a copy of my book to Mrs. Columba Bush (Governor Jeb Bush' wife) in August, 2006.  I just got a letter from her on Sept. 14, 2006.  WOOOWWW !!!  That is an honor and humbling.  Here is her exact words in her letter:

Dear Ms. Jenkins,

Thank you so much for your letter and newly published book of poetry.  I appreciate your kindness and generosity.  Best of luck with the book and thank you once again for thinking of me.

Columba Bush


Mrs. Columba Bush, I just want to thank you for your kind words and your encouragement.  Keep up the great, wonderful works that you and Mr. Jeb Bush are doing.  It's an honor to receive a personal letter from you.  May God bless you and your family. 






WOOOWW!!!  WHAT AN HUMBLING DAY IT HAS BEEN!!!  After sending a copy of my book to Mrs. Cheney, I have received a personal letter from her.  It is very humbling  and very exciting  to me. What an honor it is.  Here is her exact words in the letter:


Dear Ms. Jenkins,

Thank you for sending me a copy of your book.  It was kind of you to think of me and I appreciate it.

The Vice President and I send our best regards.

With best wishes,
Lynne V. Cheney

Thank you very much, Mrs. Cheney, for responding.  Keep on doing great works.  May God bless you and your family.  This is very humbling to get a personal letter from the Vice President's wife, Mrs. Cheney.



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I have a new poetry book out now.  Touching Your Heart is a poetry e-book on CD consisting of 26 poems on life and love.  The price is $17.95.  Go  here   and you can purchase my poetry CD here.

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